Wall Calendars
Traditional high quality calendars with plenty of space for your graphical content and for hand written notes. That's what makes them so useful and popular. Metal wire ring bound at the top, with a strong metal hangar. Unless you get the design horribly wrong, this is the one that your customer will really want to use!
Desktop Calendars - Tents
Compact high quality calendars, wire bound at the top with multiple pages that "flip" over. Metal wire ring bound at the top.
Desktop Calendars - Prisms
A simple and cost effective design that usually shows 6 months "at a glance". Easy to post as it folds down to 96x210mm when flat. Supplied creased and flat with strip of self adhesive tape for self assembly.
CD Case Calendars
As the name suggests, a variation on the CD jewel case that folds out to display the card inserts that make up the calendar. Each month is on a seperate sheet. Compact, sturdy and easy to post.
Booklet Calendars
Imagine a booklet with a hole punched in the middle towards the edge of the "long" side. Open it up and hang it on a hook and you have a simple, cheap and very effective calendar. These are not as nice as the Wall Calendars, but they are cheap and useful, so make them attractive and they will get used.


Ordering calendars is easy. Once you've chosen the product and quantity that you want, place your order and you will be guided through the next steps. Before you get to this point though, you need to have your artwork ready! Our basic prices are from your "print ready" PDF. If you'd like us to put a standard UK calendar at the bottom (NOT available if you choose landscape orientation) then select that option. Remember that the calendar artwork will take up the bottom half of the calendar, so leave the bottom half blank. We can make custom alterations to the calendar, but speak to the helpdesk about a price for this before placing your order. If you don't have ANY artwork, then you will need to speak to us before ordering so that we can suggest the best option for you.
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