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This page is for booklets and brochures bound using wire stitches (like staples). These are ideal for magazines, catalogues, programmes and many other applications. Over many years, we've printed millions of brochures and there are very many more options available that are not on the web page, especially decorative effects like hot foiling, embossing and micro engraving. Have a chat with the helpdesk if what you want is not yet available to order on line.

Made in Britain. These books are printed and bound by our skilled workers in the UK.

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  1. If there is anything that you do not understand in this specification, please contact the helpdesk.
  2. Please make sure that you read the artwork preparation guide before placing your order.
  3. Please make sure you read the online help explaining the differences between standard and high quality black and white printing.
  4. Important: if you order traditional hot foiling and a hard copy proof, we are quoting for ONE die set. If you decide to change your hot foil artwork after reviewing your hard copy proof, you will need to pay for another die set.